TE-BO: Gillard’s Royal Commission Evidence …

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TE-BO: Gillard’s Royal Commission Evidence …
| Author: TE-BO| Date:September 11th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6The much awaited appearance of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Royal commission into Union corruption came and went without so much as a whimper. For those who did not watch proceedings the transcripts of Bernard Murphy and Julia Gillard evidence can be read below:

This Royal Commission is proving to be very similar to the ICAC investigations into the Political corruption within the NSW Parliament where outcomes that satisfy the public’s trust seem to still be years away. Obeid, MacDonald and the like are still not indited nor look like being any time soon.

The hearings in the Union Royal Commission have been ongoing for several months and the testimony and evidence collected runs to thousands of pages of testimony and many more thousands of discovery documents and witness statements.

I have one comment re the Gillard performance at the Royal Commission – she is still untouchable. The Counsel who questioned her – Mr Stoljar – was either overwhelmed,  or has a strategic strategy none of us know about.  He seemed to be going somewhere with his questioning and would then back off.  He did this many times over and it seemed as if he was intimidated by who he was actually questioning – a former Prime Minister.  It was not a stellar performance by Mr Stoljar.

There was no direct questioning about the personal relationship Gillard had with Wilson – i.e.

  1. Whether Gillard was duped into the relationship because she was in a position to help Wilson construct the intended fraud.
  2. There was no questioning as to why Gillard did not report the fraud after having discovered she had been misled about the intent of the Association she set up and gave advice on.
  3. She was not questioned further when for the first time in some 24 years Gillard publicly acknowledged she had ‘invoices’ for the work done on her home. Those invoices would provide discovery documents/information and provide insight to the workers who performed the work, and could shed light on how they were paid, and who actually paid them.

From an outsiders perspective I was not convinced about whether the Royal Commission is actually going after Gillard.

Two vital witnesses, both friends of Gillard dating back to the late 80’s,  changed their witness statements on the same morning Gillard was due to appear and whilst under questioning – [see transcript links above] – these recants favoured Gillard immensely.

Mr Bob Elliot looked absolutely frantic when he gave evidence that recanted his 12 month old statement – and supposedly because his wife gave him information in the last ‘few weeks’ that called to question his version of events.

His wife then under her own questioning pleaded that her statement of evidence was also called into question because she has been diagnosed with a medical condition that abets memory loss – surely the Commissioner will have to dismiss the under oath testimony of both these witness’ when he drafts his summation.

It would seem that the Vic and WA Police investigations remain the only option open to bring Gillard to account for her involvement. Gillard is playing a long game here and it all hinges on the fact that the ‘smoking gun’ will not reveal itself.

I find it astonishing that ‘Bank Records’ re the claim that $5000 was deposited to her account to assist with renovation payments from Wilson cannot be found nor confirmed. Gillard’s testimony and appearance at this Royal Commission was eagerly awaited and as with so much of the other facts about this matter – it all proved very under-whelming. I don’t think any of the events this week will dissuade those who believe Gillard to be guilty to think she has no case to answer. For me – it again proved just how inept out judicial and justice system is when it comes to putting political criminals away.



TE-BO: State of Origin … The Wrap for 2014.

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TE-BO: State of Origin … The Wrap for 2014. 
|Author: TE-BO| Date: July 10th, 2014.

the-eyeball-opinion6It is a new dawn for eight years NSW have been the butt of all SOO jokes because they have not been able to compete at the same level as Queensland.  Well that all ended a few weeks ago when they wrapped up the series 2-0 in Sydney.

In the third game last night QLD avoided the clean 3-0 sweep in emphatic fashion with a 32-8 defeat of the same NSW side they lost the first 2 games to.  What was different – Cooper Kronk – he proved last night the value of his kicking game to this QLD side is invaluable, and to have lost him after 7 minutes of Game 1 was the reason NSW won this series.  QLD’s performance last night showed how lucky NSW were to win the series – it was not based on the talent of players … more on this later.

As a QLD supporter I won’t carry on for too long about the pathetic call’s QLD received in Games 1 & 2 – most notably was the game changing call in Game 2 when the QLD kick off after NSW scored going dead when Woods allowed to ball to brush him on the chest.  The next 7 minutes from the resulting penalty allowed NSW to dominate field position where the review referees should have called the play back and forced NSW to kick off from their own goal-line.  Hell – that’s football right – and I’m sure NSW fans have their gripes over the last 8 years as well.

To finish this point off one has to ask – why were NSW so confident of their win that they pre-spent $100,000’s on a fireworks display that all hinged on a NSW win, why did the NSW Coach Laurie Daly have an unsanctioned and private meeting with Referee Shane Hayne prior to Game 2?  Conspiracy theories abound but again that’s football … right.

What is not football – is the boredom and want to switch the TV off I felt last night for the first time when NSW players persistently confronted the referee.  Gallen, Bird, Hayne, Reynolds, and other NSW players demonstrated this again last night when Referee calls went against them.  The QLD’s also would throw their arms in the air and remonstrate but none bar the Captain would approach the Referee, and Smith’s approach was always respectful.  Gallen was ‘in your face’ and no matter how many times Maxwell told him to ‘get back’ he persisted with his physical presence and intensity.   This is a very poor example from our showpiece of sport shown the world over.  NSW players proved again last night what grubs they are and how well earned the ‘cockroach’ tag has been earned.  Here are some more examples –

  • Greg Bird – glassed his girlfriend and scarred her for life – yet because of his football talents his career has been allowed to develop.  He thinks the fans have forgotten who he really is – did you see him last night when he was replaced in the 1st half how he goaded to the QLD fans with the NSW emblem – he has lost his humility at where he came from and that he was given a 2nd chance when not should have been allowed.  If he had integrity and respect for the game – he would just allow his football to do the talking – once a thug always a thug.  His dive last night that led to the penalty that produced NSW’s only try was worthy of an Oscar nomination – he went off the field as Myles was placed on report, and returned less than 5 minutes later with apparent vigor and new energy and ‘no’ ill effects from the threatening throat problem his acting talents portrayed.

All night Bird pushed the ‘grub’ niggle that has become a blight on our game.  Players fear the ‘sin-bin’ if the instinctive punch they want to throw is thrown – so it is all about the push and shove, the niggle, all encouraged by coaches to try and force a mistake in the ruck …

I love watching competitive and hard football – but the game last night was all about the NSW niggle trying to stop QLD’s momentum and the referees played to NSW’s tune.  QLD were hellbent on playing football last night and proved again what it bis that makes this team a team of champions.  What NSW served up was kindergarten stuff – QLD rose above and played honest fast football.  I rang a friend after 20 minutes to say I was bored watching – who gets bored watching SOO … he was a NSW supporter and of course he disagreed …

  • In the first half QLD dominated field position and whenever the play was inside the 10m line of NSW’s goal line the play the ball infringements by NSW were all worthy of a penalty – yet the referee fearing a tainted game let it go.  If one was to watch the game and count the seconds between when a player is on the ground and when he is allowed to get up and play the ball –  NSW received favouritism all night, fatigue and defensive effort should never allow referee compassion.  Even in Channel’s pre game coverage – Daly’s instructions on tactics in how to slow the play the ball down were broadcast for all to hear.   If the NRL does not address the issue of 3,4 and 5 in a tackle where the ‘flop’ has apparently become legal again, then the ball carrier is going to get hurt in a way that will embarrass the NRL and hurt the game and its image.
  • The Clubs and NRL have rubbed players out of the game for private and personal off-field incidents – it is about time to do the ‘Les Boyd’ thing and rub players out of the game for dirty and disgusting play.  I saw last night a deliberate stomp on a players ankle by Gallen as he measured himself when getting up in the ruck and to get back to marker.   It happens all the time and is let go – but the players in the NRL know which players dish it out and they in turn have it dished back to them in square-ups.  Some times the ‘biff’ brings something to the game and that was all when punches were allowed – now with no pressure release the niggle factor has established itself as the release valve and it is hurting the game.
  • We all heard Hayne’s blowup last night when the referee ruled a penalty to QLD for a NSW player being off-side when replays clearly showed it was Thiaday who raked the ball back.  Hayne believed he was entitled to swear at the referee and highlight his mistake – he should have spent time in the sin-bin for descent and lack of respect.  It’s a professional sport and referees have been encouraged to 2nd guess their decisions with the video replay option – then why not go to the video on the Woods touch on the ball in Game 2?  Players are frustrated at the number of 50-50 calls that they get wrong – and our game deserved better – yet at the same tile an example must be sent when players cross that line.  The players have shown restraint on the ‘punch throw’ repercussions – other indiscretions should be dealt with the same way.

Players need to be respectful and the on-field protocol for this stuff lies with the Captain.  Yet Gallenis directed by the coaching staff to get in the referee’s face to force the issues because it highlights the referee more than the player incident.   Gallen – a winging snivelling grub and no way was man of the series – there were plenty of other and more deserving contenders …

  • Another reason for the remonstrating is that it allows fatigued players to catch their breadth … the time-lapse between a whistle blowup and a scrum is packed gets longer as the game progresses – it is all about setting defensive lines – Beau Scott went down last night on his 10 meter line as QLD had a scrum feed and his players needed a rest.  This is what is destroying the integrity of the game – playing on referee’s patience and reluctance to blow penalties when they are deserved.  Make a fuckin’ decision I say and rule the game as if you were a tyrant king – bring back ‘The Grasshopper’ …

Well that was SOO for 2014 and for mine I will never accept that NSW won this series on merit – they had help from many different sources – least of all the refereeing and video calls …


TE-BO: When you know the “Media” have lost the plot …

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TE-BO: When you know the “Media” have lost the plot … 
| Author: TE-BO| Date:July 5th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6During the past week the lead story on every Monday morning News bulletin, discussion forum, and other media interface was about Todd Carney yet again caught misbehaving.  It went on untyil mid week and Cronulla announced his banishment.

Who the fuck cares – his actions prove yet again how narrow a footballers life interests really are … the real story here is that Todd Carney is only known within the NRL community yet, News producers all over the Nation thought it should lead every News bulletin to make sure the public knew that Carney likes to drink his own piss … did it make International news?  It went viral on Twitter and other media sites and again that is a reflection of what Australians find amusing …

There is a regulatory body that oversees TV content – surely TV stations should be held to a higher standard … newws should be news … not celebrity gossip …

This is a perfect example why I no longer watch any commercial TV News feed –


TE-BO: The AWU Scandal … it continues …

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TE-BO: The AWU Scandal … it continues … 
| Author: TE-BO| Date:June 11th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6The Royal Commission into Union Corruption now sitting – is in the early stages of hearing ‘oath’ evidence that has mostly been reported over the past 2 years or so.  The status of the ‘behind the scenes’ moves being played out with the knowledge of evidence that will be presented,  has Wilson trying to discredit the witness being called to give evidence.  Wilson is the key, if he goes then like a linked chain, all those connected will also be thrown overboard.

Wilson will sing a merry song to save his own arse,  the key to solving the mystery of the ‘behind the scenes’ activity is finding out who is ultimately paying for Wilson’s legal fees.  The Royal Commission will be paying most of his costs associated with this Commission, but when he faces criminal charges as a result those fees are for him or his backers.   If the Unions are paying for the legal costs then it is obviously self preservation for the likes of Ludwig, Shorten, and a few other notable names.

Gillards near $2 million house purchase a few months ago in a seaside Adelaide suburb may yield her a lifestyle befitting a former Prime Minister.  The question is will she be able to keep the lifestyle when she gets dragged into the Wilson quagmire and is also charged with assisting and abetting Wilson in the committing of a fraud.

It is glad to now see some of Gillard’s ‘friends’ in the media- i.e. ABC and Fairfax and associated affiliates – reporting the Royal Commission and trying to catch up with information they previously denied as absolute rubbish claims and not in the public interest.

When all Gillard’s former allies begin to desert and the AWU clean house, she might find it extremely difficult to remain in Australia in the face of what will be a scandalous backlash from the Australian people – how dare someone involved and connected with Union corruption be allowed to become our Prime Minister!  If justice be served she should lose all her parliamentary superannuation and lifetime PM perks.

It will then get interesting to find out how many current and former ALP MP’s are found to have a case to answer when they knew of Gillard’s past, yet allowed her to be put forward as the Deputy PM under Rudd, and then to become our PM.   Did Rudd know – the current Opposition Leader Bill Shorten knew as did Bob Carr,  Graham Richardson, Roxon, Plibesek, Bourke, Arbib, McClelland, Conroy, to name a few, and you could add most of the other Victorian Federal and State MP’s going back to the mid 90’s.

The outcome of this Royal Commission and the NSW ICAC inquiry will stain the ALP for decades, it may even cause a splinter party stepping away from the Unions and their internal factions …

  • Link to transcripts from the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption
  • Link to transcripts from the NSW ICAC inquiry into the Obeid and other Government corruption allegations

If justice is served on behalf of the Australian people – Gillard and her AWU, Slater and Gordon cohorts comrades will serve time, if not then all that can be said is that ‘justice’ equality does not exists in this Nation, and that has been an issue for this and many other bloggers for many years.    Justice not only needs to be done, it has to be seen as being done and there is no escaping the matters at hand concerned with both these investigations …


TE-BO’s: A Private World full of FRUSTRATION and ANGER …

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TE-BO’s: A Private World full of FRUSTRATION and ANGER … 
| Author: TE-BO| Date:June 11th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6Ihave lost faith in almost everything that represents the pillars of our existence – i.e. Government and the people elected to lead, the human condition and humanity itself, the understanding and meaning of selflessness, the joys and small pleasures of life, growing old with dignity, the longing and fulfillment memories can provide, and the joy of writing about the things that matter to me.  All these matters form a life lived and to be lived and I despair over how so many of us just don’t realise how it is all ebbing away.

I constantly ponder how all the changes happened and how ‘apathy’ became the human condition to how our Leaders lead and mislead, how they treat the people with utter contempt, how their arrogance in their belief that they know what is best and then so often fail to live up to their own expectations and visions cast.   It no longer inspires but creates this void of space where a thinking person cannot think clearly, where a child is already defeated before their born, where simple life’s pleasures are no longer able to be enjoyed, where everybody comes home only to find a battleground more disturbing than the one they find in the workplace.

When you try to write about the very things that make you angry and frustrated, the words turn on themselves, inwardly you get angry at yourself for allowing these emotions to take over your life – we accept responsible for our own lives, yet all of us at times look around and ponder how we ever arrived at where we are.  Blaming others is instinctive – and we all know and repeatedly inform that we ‘reap what we sow’ in this life.  What if the choices we make are forced or duress choices where the choice is the lesser of two evils?

Human responses in stressed environments are seldom wise … it often feels that you have been backed into a corner – i.e. Banks and managing multiple credit card debts – and the only way out is to consolidate the debt thus entrapping you for past mistakes.

Sometimes, the decisions made that lead to family destruction are based on short term circumstances leading to life long consequences.  Our children scream out for love, not ADD medication or diagnosis as most would have us believe.  A stable family’s love can often be the cure for anything that troubles a child.  The spiraling divorce rates represent modern values and the rights of individuals and their choices, but society proves single parenting only really works when family support networks become involved.   Much of society’s anger and frustration come from broken homes, or from families with unresolved problems.   Political Leadership addressing this single issue would do much to make our children happier and much more optimistic.

The employment market is a moving and shifting coalface and it makes those who seek careers and promotion make choices that compromise everything that is needed to support family structures – that is quality time at home.

‘Depression’ – the most recent and greatest diagnosed epidemic in the Western World impacts in ways that only the individual can understand.   The medication is designed to numb emotive responses, and if one was to think about that – it is easy to make the connection with society’s generalised ‘apathy’ focus,  and the increase in diagnosed ‘depression’.

So many of us have no joy in our jobs, in our personal lives, in our family relationships, escapism becomes a cocktail of moral choices that often end in violence and tragedy.   Our Leaders react rather than prevent, they are blinkered by choice because they know they don’t have any answers other than the ‘strong-arm’ options provided by legislation and law enforcement.

If 30 years ago someone looked beyond the benefits of mothers joining the workforce under equal opportunity euphoria, who did the research on the consequences that might impact a few decades later on divorce rates,  wayward children, and the sense of ‘frustration and anger’ our society is experiencing?

Where is the visionary policies that have us believe that society can improve on itself?  The policy’s that have us believe that tomorrow and the next day, and the days, weeks, months, years after that will get better …

American society is at the beginning of a revolution like no other – you would think, that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd school shooting massacres would have made people stop and take stock of where their society is headed.  Yet – decades later they are still happening and the anger fueled shootings are now so common they become news stories for a day or so as opposed to the weeks when they first  happen.   It’s called ‘conditioning’ and when our Leadership responses reflect mediocrity, the people become immuned to emotional responses that would once have demanded things change to make ensure they don’t happen again.

On this issue every outsider can see the solution – but that famous ‘right to bear arms’ constitutional right drafted a few century’s ago is the obstacle all politicians use as an excuse and offer up a ‘too hard’ barrier.  When Political Leaders shy away from doing the right thing, you just know a bigger problem is headed their way.   Responses should have been framed and laws passed decades ago when American civil violence first started to become a problem.

My own world of ‘anger and frustration’ stems from years of taking aim at corrupt and useless politicians, at Administrations for failure to live up to their charter,  for the absence of common sense and the logical approach to dealing with simple issues.  Take the injustice in how money can purchase our justice system outcomes,  how politicians seem to think that exploiting their parliamentary expenses is their right, as opposed to any equitable punishment given their position of trust.

Everyone has an opinion on almost everything – it can be informed or ill-informed, but the right to have that opinion is not denied.  Normally – common sense and logic prevail when opinions differ – but some of us are so naive to believe and accept that our political opinions are so embedded we can never consider the possibility that we might be wrong.   Surely history and current events can demonstrate that to trust any politician is to allow our society to degenerate.

I ask how can anyone trust politicians when what we see and read on our news is nothing more than ‘paid for favour’ styled opinions from commentators and politicians alike.  They are people with their own agendas, and often influenced by money and favour that leads to more money.

Call me a cynic if you want – but I dare any politician to tell it different.  Before any politician responds to any type of media requests for comment, or camera time options,  you tell me the ‘for and against’ theory’s are not assessed for the positives and the negatives.  There is nothing wrong with this theory, but it has progressed to the stage where media now have agenda’s that influence the way politicians want to communicate with the public, or be associated or exposed to the media that wants to paint them in a poor light, or expose them via an ‘ambush’ designed to give the media outlet higher ratings.

We might acknowledge that and comment that is the way life works – but it has only come to this because weak and gutless leaders see the media as the necessary evil needed to communicate their message trolling for votes.   It’s a sad day when Leaders allow the media to hold such power over them and the way they communicate with the electorate.

Our Democracy brings this crisis to our front door, or at least our form of democracy.   Our elected officials are nothing but lapdogs to the two-party mechanism by which our Nation is Governed … the right to cross the floor and vote according to conscience is denied else the MP risk’s dis-endorsement and reduced campaign funding.   It’s a natural black-mail scenario that is largely unnoticed.

The ‘Party’ solidarity theme can be reassuring for Party Leadership, but it shortchanges the integrity debate when elected politicians ignore their electorates wants and needs in favour of the MP wanting to keep their job.

I see no way to cure my frustration and anger – how do you cure yours?


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