TE-BO: Gillard’s Royal Commission Evidence …

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TE-BO: Gillard’s Royal Commission Evidence …
| Author: TE-BO| Date:September 11th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6The much awaited appearance of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Royal commission into Union corruption came and went without so much as a whimper. For those who did not watch proceedings the transcripts of Bernard Murphy and Julia Gillard evidence can be read below:

This Royal Commission is proving to be very similar to the ICAC investigations into the Political corruption within the NSW Parliament where outcomes that satisfy the public’s trust seem to still be years away. Obeid, MacDonald and the like are still not indited nor look like being any time soon.

The hearings in the Union Royal Commission have been ongoing for several months and the testimony and evidence collected runs to thousands of pages of testimony and many more thousands of discovery documents and witness statements.

I have one comment re the Gillard performance at the Royal Commission – she is still untouchable. The Counsel who questioned her – Mr Stoljar – was either overwhelmed,  or has a strategic strategy none of us know about.  He seemed to be going somewhere with his questioning and would then back off.  He did this many times over and it seemed as if he was intimidated by who he was actually questioning – a former Prime Minister.  It was not a stellar performance by Mr Stoljar.

There was no direct questioning about the personal relationship Gillard had with Wilson – i.e.

  1. Whether Gillard was duped into the relationship because she was in a position to help Wilson construct the intended fraud.
  2. There was no questioning as to why Gillard did not report the fraud after having discovered she had been misled about the intent of the Association she set up and gave advice on.
  3. She was not questioned further when for the first time in some 24 years Gillard publicly acknowledged she had ‘invoices’ for the work done on her home. Those invoices would provide discovery documents/information and provide insight to the workers who performed the work, and could shed light on how they were paid, and who actually paid them.

From an outsiders perspective I was not convinced about whether the Royal Commission is actually going after Gillard.

Two vital witnesses, both friends of Gillard dating back to the late 80’s,  changed their witness statements on the same morning Gillard was due to appear and whilst under questioning – [see transcript links above] – these recants favoured Gillard immensely.

Mr Bob Elliot looked absolutely frantic when he gave evidence that recanted his 12 month old statement – and supposedly because his wife gave him information in the last ‘few weeks’ that called to question his version of events.

His wife then under her own questioning pleaded that her statement of evidence was also called into question because she has been diagnosed with a medical condition that abets memory loss – surely the Commissioner will have to dismiss the under oath testimony of both these witness’ when he drafts his summation.

It would seem that the Vic and WA Police investigations remain the only option open to bring Gillard to account for her involvement. Gillard is playing a long game here and it all hinges on the fact that the ‘smoking gun’ will not reveal itself.

I find it astonishing that ‘Bank Records’ re the claim that $5000 was deposited to her account to assist with renovation payments from Wilson cannot be found nor confirmed. Gillard’s testimony and appearance at this Royal Commission was eagerly awaited and as with so much of the other facts about this matter – it all proved very under-whelming. I don’t think any of the events this week will dissuade those who believe Gillard to be guilty to think she has no case to answer. For me – it again proved just how inept out judicial and justice system is when it comes to putting political criminals away.


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