TE-BO: The AWU Scandal … it continues …

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TE-BO: The AWU Scandal … it continues … 
| Author: TE-BO| Date:June 11th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6The Royal Commission into Union Corruption now sitting – is in the early stages of hearing ‘oath’ evidence that has mostly been reported over the past 2 years or so.  The status of the ‘behind the scenes’ moves being played out with the knowledge of evidence that will be presented,  has Wilson trying to discredit the witness being called to give evidence.  Wilson is the key, if he goes then like a linked chain, all those connected will also be thrown overboard.

Wilson will sing a merry song to save his own arse,  the key to solving the mystery of the ‘behind the scenes’ activity is finding out who is ultimately paying for Wilson’s legal fees.  The Royal Commission will be paying most of his costs associated with this Commission, but when he faces criminal charges as a result those fees are for him or his backers.   If the Unions are paying for the legal costs then it is obviously self preservation for the likes of Ludwig, Shorten, and a few other notable names.

Gillards near $2 million house purchase a few months ago in a seaside Adelaide suburb may yield her a lifestyle befitting a former Prime Minister.  The question is will she be able to keep the lifestyle when she gets dragged into the Wilson quagmire and is also charged with assisting and abetting Wilson in the committing of a fraud.

It is glad to now see some of Gillard’s ‘friends’ in the media- i.e. ABC and Fairfax and associated affiliates – reporting the Royal Commission and trying to catch up with information they previously denied as absolute rubbish claims and not in the public interest.

When all Gillard’s former allies begin to desert and the AWU clean house, she might find it extremely difficult to remain in Australia in the face of what will be a scandalous backlash from the Australian people – how dare someone involved and connected with Union corruption be allowed to become our Prime Minister!  If justice be served she should lose all her parliamentary superannuation and lifetime PM perks.

It will then get interesting to find out how many current and former ALP MP’s are found to have a case to answer when they knew of Gillard’s past, yet allowed her to be put forward as the Deputy PM under Rudd, and then to become our PM.   Did Rudd know – the current Opposition Leader Bill Shorten knew as did Bob Carr,  Graham Richardson, Roxon, Plibesek, Bourke, Arbib, McClelland, Conroy, to name a few, and you could add most of the other Victorian Federal and State MP’s going back to the mid 90’s.

The outcome of this Royal Commission and the NSW ICAC inquiry will stain the ALP for decades, it may even cause a splinter party stepping away from the Unions and their internal factions …

  • Link to transcripts from the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption
  • Link to transcripts from the NSW ICAC inquiry into the Obeid and other Government corruption allegations

If justice is served on behalf of the Australian people – Gillard and her AWU, Slater and Gordon cohorts comrades will serve time, if not then all that can be said is that ‘justice’ equality does not exists in this Nation, and that has been an issue for this and many other bloggers for many years.    Justice not only needs to be done, it has to be seen as being done and there is no escaping the matters at hand concerned with both these investigations …


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