TE-BO: When you know the “Media” have lost the plot …

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TE-BO: When you know the “Media” have lost the plot … 
| Author: TE-BO| Date:July 5th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6During the past week the lead story on every Monday morning News bulletin, discussion forum, and other media interface was about Todd Carney yet again caught misbehaving.  It went on untyil mid week and Cronulla announced his banishment.

Who the fuck cares – his actions prove yet again how narrow a footballers life interests really are … the real story here is that Todd Carney is only known within the NRL community yet, News producers all over the Nation thought it should lead every News bulletin to make sure the public knew that Carney likes to drink his own piss … did it make International news?  It went viral on Twitter and other media sites and again that is a reflection of what Australians find amusing …

There is a regulatory body that oversees TV content – surely TV stations should be held to a higher standard … newws should be news … not celebrity gossip …

This is a perfect example why I no longer watch any commercial TV News feed –


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3 thoughts on “TE-BO: When you know the “Media” have lost the plot …

  1. The topic is media if you read it, f… wit. Elongate your attention span to a point where you can laterally view things away from your own myopia.
    PS your black screen is nearly unreadable. take a tip and just do your blog in normal typing colours.

    The background is so hard to read that I presume the moderator has made the comment “please keep comments on topic” if that is not the case do not publish this comment.


  2. Rolf Harris, what did/do we achieve by putting him in jail for x years. The culture of 40 years ago would have treated this matter entirely differently. The humiliation and being found guilty is more than adequate at this stage of his life, he will not be rehabilitated nor will he commit these crimes again.
    The media crucified this bloke for reasons not dissimilar to the years of the inquisition. Because its not politically correct, no wants to argue the whole process. A 7 year old girl had her backside groped, fully clothed in an environment surrounded by other people, her victim statement was I will never recover. Sorry but she has bigger problems than Rolf. 13 new claiments come forward, the smell of money is overpowering. I wonder how much the 7 year old, now presumably 47 will get to make her feel better.

    Interesting again is the enquiries Royal commissions ect looking to how the Catholic church behaves and other people. No mention of the victoms of false allegations in any of these processes.

    This is not a politically correct view that I am taking but we have to change the mentality of degree and what as a society and culture we can do about all aspects of sexualisation. Including the media’s reporting and sensationalist treatment of trials and the emotional humiliation of both victoms and accusers.

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