TE-BO’s: Budget 2014-15 – ‘Chicken Shit Abbott’ …

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TE-BO’s: Budget 2014-15 – ‘Chicken Shit Abbott’ … 
| Author: TE-BO’s Guru – | Date: May 21st, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6The Prime Minister and the Education Minister Christopher Pyne were due to to “attend the official opening of a carbon fibre research facility at the Geelong university today, but the trip was cancelled after advice from the Federal Police”.  [source]

They quoted the ‘jostling’ Foreign Minister Bishop received at a WA University last week in the aftermath of the Budget speech as a reason.

PM Abbott was on National TV this morning stating that the increases cost of higher education won’t kick in until 2016.   He claimed that no increases applied this year, or for new students next year.

Who ever advised the PM to use this excuse as a means of mitigating the cowardly ‘chicken shit’ cancellation, is someone who has no grasp of the moment, nor the context of what the PM actually said and how stupid it made him look.  It was like saying that ‘why protest because these increases don’t impact on you’.  What stupidity – any one can see that the proposed budget changes are a backflip on election undertakings and the Government is in trouble and closing ranks behind intimidating poll data.

The students and faculty are not protesting about next years or current students, it’s the principal of the Government increasing education costs at a time when they had so much hope given the Coalitions election undertaking not to cut education spending and to support the Gillard Government Education forward spending.

To cower away from an angry student protest is as cowardly as it gets in this Nation.  You need to take responsibility Mr Abbott – the Nation is fed up with politicians saying what they need to say to get elected.   Accountability from politicians from the masses can only be about confronting politicians for the mistakes they make – mistakes in the form of outright lies and no honor involved when it comes so easy to go against what they said they would do.  It’s a betrayal of trust and the people have every right to show anger.   To deny them the opportunity to confront those responsible will only see the angst swelter and it will explode at some point unless the Politicians can come up with an alternative to the ‘Hitler’ bunker option.

You will have to face the ‘mob’ as you suggest at some time Mr Abbott – and using the Federal Police to give yourselves an excuse is cowardice and indicative of your guilt over the broken promises made.


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2 thoughts on “TE-BO’s: Budget 2014-15 – ‘Chicken Shit Abbott’ …

  1. Yes, you are right about Abbott’s statement. The students themselves though are wrong, a silent protest with signs and tape over their mouths would be more effective. The students do not realise they lose respect of much of the electorate by behaving like terrorists and the silent protest will make the thinkers think. The students look too much like a union picket line or rent a crowd to get their true message through. Yes Mr Abbott you are staring down the mouth of “total disrespect” to say the adults are here to run the country is now an insult to the adults that are not politicians. Thinking more about this we criticised Labour for having no business nounce, its becoming very obvious that the conservative side has none either. The turndown in consumer confidence is going to put the country into official recession within 12 months, its already in unofficial recession and unless we get a full 1% in interest rate cuts to bring the dollar down, we are going to have a bloody disaster on our hands.

    This is now a very serious situation and i think it’s time to start a rally for a change in leadership. Someone anyone with a vision please apply at the LNP. When Mr Abbott says what would you like to do, respond with “your job because I can do it better”. Mr Abbott there is nothing wrong with being a “tight ass bastard” that makes the country take its medicine. BUT When he wants to amputate your limbs and take away what mobility you still have, it’s time to change the doctor. We want a physician…..not a surgeon.


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