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the-eyeball-opinion6TE-BO – [The EYE-BALL Opinion] – Gratuity Details:

Hello one and all,

the-eyeball-opinion6You have obviously clicked a Gratuity/Donation link similar to the one at right somewhere on the site.  Your interest is greatly appreciated. This site is based on ‘free-will’ and the product of authors and concerned citizens who are trying to ‘make a difference’.  None are paid for their contributions and all donations go toward helping future efforts to making the site better and more informative.

As an example some donors set up a regularly payment plan i.e. monthly, f/nightly or whatever, as an appreciation for the efforts and the personal value they attach to the site.

Please – there is no pressure, and a huge thankyou for whatever contribution you are able to make, regular is good, single donations equally appreciated.  Further details needed to make the gratuity/donation appear below:

Bank:  Heritage Bank

BSB:  638-010

Name: Ian Bleys

Account No:  7735480

Thank you for your contribution.   Please use the form submission below to provide your details for record purposes.  If you want to advertise, or make a donation by other means, please contact the site Administrator using this e-mail link.


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