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The EYE-BALL Opinion [TE-BO]:the-eyeball-opinion6Afew of the EYE-BALL Opinion personas belong to a 57 yo grouch who resides on the Fraser Coast in Queensland Australia. I was a Banker throughout the 70′s – 90′s, and now believe Banks are the modern-day curse upon which all human misery stems from.My political views are a complex matrix of black and white opinions, where right and wrong are clear choices, and in which our Global and Domestic Leaders fail badly.

I do not support the modern-day Democracy, or the two-party preferred duopoly upon which Western Democracy functions. The Globes Democracy has become a vote choice where each vote is no longer an equal vote beyond the ballot box. Vested interests and Lobby groups carry sway with individual politicians, and the single voter cannot compete in a game where money talks and represents everything.

I have no doubt that we are living our decadent decline … the best of our current humanity was decades ago, and we are now headed toward an abyss that none of us understand, or fear.

My opinions are sometimes extreme and formed from a knowledge base rarely experienced or understood.

I have three children, and four granddaughters, and my hold on life is attributed to them.

I write because it is all I can do to spread the word and make people aware of the ‘why’ that is ahead, and ‘why’ the mistakes of history are again being repeated.

Herman O’Hermitage:

Herman O'Hermitage

Herman has spent the last 4 decades fighting bureaucracy. He resides in Sydney’s inner west, and is passionate about social justice. Despite wonting to leave the battle to the youth of today, he quietly peddles his own brand of conscience, believing he can only try to highlight the frailty of ego over responsibility.

The journey is through accounting, finance, law, education and therefore social justice.

Herman O'HermitageSome 20 years ago “a roast” was prepared on Herman’s ego. It went to the effect “poor Herman was born without opinion. But Herman has been so successful going through life collecting opinions, that now he has opinion on everything.”

Childhood friends still quip how Herman is renowned for a yarn. From the 1960’s, he was always fascinated in a captivating story. Be it history or the glue that makes the story believable and understandable.

On his paternal side, he is of convict ancestry, where the Irish antecedents fought with the Jacobites and Napoleon against the British, while on the maternal side the Welsh free settler antecedents were educators. A real example of my mother she was orange, while my father he was green.

His 3rd wife is a psychologist who migrated to Australia as a toddler, where her father was escaping the tyranny of Tito. History repeats.

Herman is deeply spiritual. His pursuit of truth is unstoppable; with the Shinto caveat “Shit Happens”. The Confucian thought “In accretion lies the seeds of destruction, while in desecration lays the seeds of great ambition”.

EYE-BALL Guru [Guru]:

GuruThe EYE-BALL GURU persona writes about Financial markets and other matters relating to Government finances.

Some 25 odd years ago – he was forced to go underground because he pulled off the biggest Financial Market sting in Australian Market history – not quite as big as the attempted Bunker-Hunt Silver heist of the early 80’s – but GURU’s ‘sting’ was a successful heist and left many with egg all over their faces. To this day there are still only a half-dozen or so who know it even happened. What good is a secret if you can’t tell everybody how good you are.

You get to read all about it here

The Sticky Finger:

The Sticky FingerThis is a persona who will let loose on Politicians – originally it was to be ‘The Stinky Finger’ but advice won over … but any corrupt politician or corporate raider/operative out there is open slather.

Harry’ Growl:

Harry's GrowlHarry Hounddog or Harry HD, or Harry’s Growl are all a part of his logo signature. He has agreed to become a player in the new site and his persona will be much of the same. Harry’s political contacts far and wide – his CI’s are everywhere. He is exceptionally well credentialed – having served in the parliamentary system for many decades – Harry HD was a Press secretary for a former well-known Federal Minister – and like most in the chambers – he is bi-sexual. So one can never argue about his bias or from which side of the house he gets his scoops from.

If you met him you’d think him a sleaze merchant, but beneath that persona lies a great man who has a lot to offer to the Australian political debate.

Rookie Bookie:

Rookie BookieRookie Bookie analyses sports odds and posts his views on sport matchups where the odds make a difference. … more to come …

Snoop-Poop with the Scoop:

‘Snoop-Poop with the Scoop’ – he is a sports fanatic and played many sports at the highest level in his youthful days. His comments come from a perspective the athlete and what is in their headspace. He knows about team and individual sports and can offer an insight to what a player thinks when the performances don’t seem to match with the outcomes.

The Money Burden:

Information to be updated …

The Underground:

Information to be updated …

This Side of the Black Stump:

Information to be updated …


Information to be updated …

TV and MovieZone:

Information to be updated …

Mashed Sport:

Information to be updated …

Short Stories:

Information to be updated …


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