TE-BO’s: A Private World full of FRUSTRATION and ANGER …

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TE-BO’s: A Private World full of FRUSTRATION and ANGER … 
| Author: TE-BO| Date:June 11th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6Ihave lost faith in almost everything that represents the pillars of our existence – i.e. Government and the people elected to lead, the human condition and humanity itself, the understanding and meaning of selflessness, the joys and small pleasures of life, growing old with dignity, the longing and fulfillment memories can provide, and the joy of writing about the things that matter to me.  All these matters form a life lived and to be lived and I despair over how so many of us just don’t realise how it is all ebbing away.

I constantly ponder how all the changes happened and how ‘apathy’ became the human condition to how our Leaders lead and mislead, how they treat the people with utter contempt, how their arrogance in their belief that they know what is best and then so often fail to live up to their own expectations and visions cast.   It no longer inspires but creates this void of space where a thinking person cannot think clearly, where a child is already defeated before their born, where simple life’s pleasures are no longer able to be enjoyed, where everybody comes home only to find a battleground more disturbing than the one they find in the workplace.

When you try to write about the very things that make you angry and frustrated, the words turn on themselves, inwardly you get angry at yourself for allowing these emotions to take over your life – we accept responsible for our own lives, yet all of us at times look around and ponder how we ever arrived at where we are.  Blaming others is instinctive – and we all know and repeatedly inform that we ‘reap what we sow’ in this life.  What if the choices we make are forced or duress choices where the choice is the lesser of two evils?

Human responses in stressed environments are seldom wise … it often feels that you have been backed into a corner – i.e. Banks and managing multiple credit card debts – and the only way out is to consolidate the debt thus entrapping you for past mistakes.

Sometimes, the decisions made that lead to family destruction are based on short term circumstances leading to life long consequences.  Our children scream out for love, not ADD medication or diagnosis as most would have us believe.  A stable family’s love can often be the cure for anything that troubles a child.  The spiraling divorce rates represent modern values and the rights of individuals and their choices, but society proves single parenting only really works when family support networks become involved.   Much of society’s anger and frustration come from broken homes, or from families with unresolved problems.   Political Leadership addressing this single issue would do much to make our children happier and much more optimistic.

The employment market is a moving and shifting coalface and it makes those who seek careers and promotion make choices that compromise everything that is needed to support family structures – that is quality time at home.

‘Depression’ – the most recent and greatest diagnosed epidemic in the Western World impacts in ways that only the individual can understand.   The medication is designed to numb emotive responses, and if one was to think about that – it is easy to make the connection with society’s generalised ‘apathy’ focus,  and the increase in diagnosed ‘depression’.

So many of us have no joy in our jobs, in our personal lives, in our family relationships, escapism becomes a cocktail of moral choices that often end in violence and tragedy.   Our Leaders react rather than prevent, they are blinkered by choice because they know they don’t have any answers other than the ‘strong-arm’ options provided by legislation and law enforcement.

If 30 years ago someone looked beyond the benefits of mothers joining the workforce under equal opportunity euphoria, who did the research on the consequences that might impact a few decades later on divorce rates,  wayward children, and the sense of ‘frustration and anger’ our society is experiencing?

Where is the visionary policies that have us believe that society can improve on itself?  The policy’s that have us believe that tomorrow and the next day, and the days, weeks, months, years after that will get better …

American society is at the beginning of a revolution like no other – you would think, that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd school shooting massacres would have made people stop and take stock of where their society is headed.  Yet – decades later they are still happening and the anger fueled shootings are now so common they become news stories for a day or so as opposed to the weeks when they first  happen.   It’s called ‘conditioning’ and when our Leadership responses reflect mediocrity, the people become immuned to emotional responses that would once have demanded things change to make ensure they don’t happen again.

On this issue every outsider can see the solution – but that famous ‘right to bear arms’ constitutional right drafted a few century’s ago is the obstacle all politicians use as an excuse and offer up a ‘too hard’ barrier.  When Political Leaders shy away from doing the right thing, you just know a bigger problem is headed their way.   Responses should have been framed and laws passed decades ago when American civil violence first started to become a problem.

My own world of ‘anger and frustration’ stems from years of taking aim at corrupt and useless politicians, at Administrations for failure to live up to their charter,  for the absence of common sense and the logical approach to dealing with simple issues.  Take the injustice in how money can purchase our justice system outcomes,  how politicians seem to think that exploiting their parliamentary expenses is their right, as opposed to any equitable punishment given their position of trust.

Everyone has an opinion on almost everything – it can be informed or ill-informed, but the right to have that opinion is not denied.  Normally – common sense and logic prevail when opinions differ – but some of us are so naive to believe and accept that our political opinions are so embedded we can never consider the possibility that we might be wrong.   Surely history and current events can demonstrate that to trust any politician is to allow our society to degenerate.

I ask how can anyone trust politicians when what we see and read on our news is nothing more than ‘paid for favour’ styled opinions from commentators and politicians alike.  They are people with their own agendas, and often influenced by money and favour that leads to more money.

Call me a cynic if you want – but I dare any politician to tell it different.  Before any politician responds to any type of media requests for comment, or camera time options,  you tell me the ‘for and against’ theory’s are not assessed for the positives and the negatives.  There is nothing wrong with this theory, but it has progressed to the stage where media now have agenda’s that influence the way politicians want to communicate with the public, or be associated or exposed to the media that wants to paint them in a poor light, or expose them via an ‘ambush’ designed to give the media outlet higher ratings.

We might acknowledge that and comment that is the way life works – but it has only come to this because weak and gutless leaders see the media as the necessary evil needed to communicate their message trolling for votes.   It’s a sad day when Leaders allow the media to hold such power over them and the way they communicate with the electorate.

Our Democracy brings this crisis to our front door, or at least our form of democracy.   Our elected officials are nothing but lapdogs to the two-party mechanism by which our Nation is Governed … the right to cross the floor and vote according to conscience is denied else the MP risk’s dis-endorsement and reduced campaign funding.   It’s a natural black-mail scenario that is largely unnoticed.

The ‘Party’ solidarity theme can be reassuring for Party Leadership, but it shortchanges the integrity debate when elected politicians ignore their electorates wants and needs in favour of the MP wanting to keep their job.

I see no way to cure my frustration and anger – how do you cure yours?


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