TE-BO: Nothing has Changed – Journalists are still whores and as weak as piss …

TE-BO: Nothing has Changed – Journalists are still whores and as weak as piss …
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: April 27th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6Iwatched a few minutes of the Andrew Bolt  – “Bolt Report” – today and found myself regretting the experience – yet again.

Bolt was interviewing ALP MP Richard Marles on ‘budgets, boats and more’ according to his promo on his Blog site.

What I saw was a series of direct questions on Carbon tax, Mining tax and the reasons what Labor did badly at the last election, and the ALP Party reforms currently underway.   Then the subject turned to ‘Debt’ and Marles proceeded to lecture about Debt and GDP rations and why our debt is OK.

This Marles guy is seen as a future ALP leader – god help us all.   He deliberately avoided direct answers and Bolt let him get away with it.  Marles has no idea about debt and is parroting a line coined by Swan when he was Treasurer.   The guy is an idiot and completely out of his depth talking about financial issues, and the fact that he did not respond directly to the Bolt questions on the Carbon and Mining Taxes,  indicates it is still a ‘hurt’ area for all ALP Members.

Next up was Costello telling us all that the six years of Labor was living through the boom – that proves Costello is equally an idiot if he believes the words he spoke.   He presided over the commencement and next 4 odd years of the biggest boom in the last 50 odd years.  He had no GFC to deal with, and his time in office included the beginning of the high A$ reversal that killed/offset all the benefits to Australia.  His time in office was a wasteful spend on middle-class welfare  funded from the boom era.

Bolt let him waffle on without pulling him up and holding him to account on any of the mis-truths, and misrepresentations.  Bolt proved he is equally ignorant on financial issues and the reasons why the boom was wasted.

Journalism is still pandering to its political guests by not calling them to account and forcing them to answer the ‘hard’ questions.   They allow the waffle from ‘guests’ for fear of having nobody appearing – its force feeding the Australian public the debates without relevance to the real issues.  Either Bolt has one eye on the ratings and his own job security – or he is not the interviewer he thinks he is.

There was not one question about ALP corruption directed at Marles that I heard – presumably because it was ‘off-limits’ in a per-interview deal … hell this is the single reason why any ALP Member who wants to go on camera should be interview and asked what is being done to reform the party.  Shorten’s speech on his agenda to reform the party should be a beacon to every journalist worth a pinch of salt to attack ALP Members.


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One thought on “TE-BO: Nothing has Changed – Journalists are still whores and as weak as piss …

  1. Hot of the press is the news about the ‘Bogies Awards’ – the opposite of the ‘Logies’ – i.e. best/popular television whereas the ‘Bogies’ are awards for the ‘worst’ shows.

    “The Bolt Report won Most Embarrassing Program and its host won The Black Bogie …”

    Just goes to show that the Australian Audience are smarter than the people who produce these shows.


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