TE-BO: Leaders and their belief in the ‘era of entitlement’ …

TE-BO: Leaders and their belief in the ‘era of entitlement’ …
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: April 23rd, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6You have all heard the saying – ‘the hay makes the bull fat, and the bull makes the cow[s] fat.  Well – the understanding is a simple end-game transaction for the bull and the cow.   It is a natural order of evolution and from a human perspective, the relationship that exists between the ‘bull’ and the ‘cow’ is a transaction involving greed and avarice – [insatiable greed for riches; inordinate, miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth… linked here]

The passion that is obvious in debates within the Political sphere is hardly ever about governance, mostly it’s about self-interest and satisfying an ego that could never make it in the real world of corporate employment.  Why do you think so many of the MP’s have legal degrees they could never ever use to become successful lawyers.   In what world does anyone think that a Parliament full of lawyers would know how to run a Government?

To move our politicians as legislators and decision makers they require motivation – i.e. the hay in the above analogy.   Nothing like a envelope or a suitcase full of cash to engage the motivational instincts involved.  The bigger the payoff the bigger the effort,  but still no guarantees because all along that linked  chain of legislative process, someone else will be expecting their ‘big drink’, or ‘to have their beak wet’.  And then there is the Unions to deal with once Government contracts are awarded.

As the ‘Bull’ needs sustenance to do what he is expected to do – so does the politician who would prefer to frolic in the sunshine of their status and do nothing other then vote their masters wants – all the while having taxpayers fit the bill for all expenses charged whilst they live away from home.  To get the effort you have to appeal to the self-interests of many and as the Obeid/MacDonald ICAC corruption inquiry has shown, there is no shame in involving Members from all sides of politics to share the spoils.

It is only when the ‘whistle-blower’ gets involved that things can go wrong, and even then the guilty can close ranks and make the whistle-blower suffer for their efforts – i.e. Gordon Gretch comes to mind.

It’s as simple as when a Corporate crook needs/wants a favour[s], and the selected Politician is in the position to grant them.  Take ‘Badgerys Creek’ and its recent announced as the new Sydney airport venue.  It’s been muted for decades as the site for the airport.  I would wager there will be no investigation into land transactions in the area going back decades – all to a purpose to find whether there are any established links to current and past politicians.   Look what was found in the Obeid/MacDonald portfolios and it must be said – as these corrupt politicians showed, they dream big – but their ability and efforts to keep it secret were woeful.  The saying of keeping it in the family does not always work as the Obeid family is discovering.

There are always many bidders for the grand prize – i.e. the Government contract.  Bids are leaked and used against one another to gain higher and adjusted bids, and who do you think is the end beneficiary from all the bribes and underhand favours to win the contract[s]?   Look at the AWH investigation and the ‘dance’ card of involved politicians all with their hand in the cookie jar.

Everyone who seeks higher political office is awaiting their turn at the pig-trough.  The end-game for those with the natural instincts of major criminals is to become someone like Graham Richardson, walking the corridors of power like a princely bag-man doing deals with his bookie-bag chock full of ‘goodies’  in positioning the deals he has been paid to lobby.   He was a Senator right – non elected but appointed by the Party machine on the Senate ticket to take his role in Parliament.  Who is he really accountable to in the way he does Party business?

This entrenched corruption has spawned a whole new ‘broker’ business – i.e. the Lobbyist.  There is no shame in the way that politics works for those who know how the system works.   The Lobbyist is the conduit as recent ICAC testimony from Nick Di Girolamo provides.  They are open for business and their business is to seek political favour for their corporate clients.   How do you think that works – just read the above again.

Supposedly all politicians are uncorruptable – that is what the politicians want us to believe.  In the last four off years there has been enough exposed political corruption to sink an armada of battleships, and yet the public remain apathetic in any demands to have an independent watchdog monitoring the financial dealings of all our Politicians.   The genuine and uncorrupted politicians are so few and so rare.  I would saw John Howard was one, perhaps naive to his colleges involvement – i.e. the Telstra share dealings by his then Ministers [Moore, Parer, and ex NSW Premier John Fahey who was the then Howard’s Government Minister for Finance in charge of the first Telstra float during the late 90’s]. See reference below: [linked here]

Ministerial code of conduct:

… The coalition campaigned on a policy of “clean government”[18] as a contrast to the previous government. A “Code of Ministerial Conduct” was introduced in fulfillment of this pledge. The code required ministers to divest shares in portfolios that they oversaw and to be truthful in parliament.[18] The code eventually led to seven cabinet ministers resigning following breach of the code. Jim Short and Brian Gibson both resigned in October 1996[20] as both held shares in companies that were within their ministerial portfolios. Bob Woods resigned in February 1997 over questionable ministerial expense claims.[21] Geoff Prosser resigned in July 1997 following the disclosure that he was a shopping centre landlord whilst he was responsible for commercial tenancy provisions of the Trade Practices Act 1975. John Sharp, David Jull and Peter McGauran resigned in September 1997 over irregularities in the use of ministerial travel allowances in what became known in the media as the “Travel Rorts Affair”. John Moore and Warwick Parer survived revelations about his shareholdings. Parer however was not reappointed to the Second Howard Ministry. In early 1999, the government announced that ministers would no longer be required to divest themselves of shareholdings.

These genuine politicians are aware of the role of the Lobbyist’s – yet their numbers are so few they cannot enact legislation to have lobbyist’s outlawed or have their interests publicly declared.  It is such a convoluted environment Nobody tries to be honest or talk about the corruption within anymore. They all know that if it is talked about openly then the public would become more engaged in having it investigated and eradicated. It’s been a cancer since whenever, and unlike a medical cancer,  this toxic political cancer is a dung-heap upon only the anointed few may feast.

It is the same the world over and ‘democracy’ as a style of Government being promoted as an alternative to all alternatives, has no answer.   Peter Slipper has abused and pushed his parliamentary expenses beyond limits like no other.   Yet those responsible for the ‘checks and balances’ have only pursued him over a $1000 worth of personal taxi expenses just prior to his appointment as ‘Speaker’ in a deal done with the then Gillard Government to shore up the Government numbers.

The current ALP rules stipulate all elected ALP Members and Senators must be a member of a Trade Union. As has been exposed and one of the reason’s for the Abbott Royal Commission into Union Governance and Corruption, the Union ‘slush fund’ exposure has been going of forever. The heir apparent to the Graham Richardson like mantle was Senator Steve Conroy. A union thug by any measure before he came to Parliament – he has no real academic – [See below] – qualifications to hold the position he does except he was a Union faithful who served his time and was promoted accordingly.

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEc (ANU)
  • Superannuation Officer, Transport Workers’ Union.
  • Research assistant.

see link here

On another note – of the 100,000’s of letters written to Local Members every year, how many do you thing get taken seriously, or receive more than an automated response?   Most MP’s who hold Ministerial positions won’t even respond to a letter unless the writer resides in that Members electorate. The people have no voice when their elected Member shows them contempt, or when a Minister does not respond to questions asked by voters outside the Members electorate. The hubris attached to this practice is endemic across both sides of the House.

The measure this practice with the ‘Democratic’ concept Government – i,e, ‘by the people’, ‘for the people’, and ‘of the people’ – true democracy is lost in any context of ‘good’ governance.

How many times have you watched or seen an interview where the Politician is exposed but the questioner but they never ask to most obvious next question. Mike Willesee where are you?   Our World is being ‘dumbed-down’ and those of us who can see it cringe.

Just a few days ago Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was lecturing in front of cameras on corruption – one thing for sure he is qualified on the matter and has plenty of experience – he is part of what he had to say –

… He [Shorten] says corruption is a deep betrayal of everything Labor and unions stand for and warns that if officials are in the pockets of organised crime, they will not get any protection from the party. “We don’t want you. Get out,” is his message, echoing the powerful culture-changing words of Army chief David Morrison about ­issues in his ranks…

Read whole article here

Shorten has to know that a speech like this only makes him look an idiot – he will be a witness at the Royal Commission into Union Governance and Corruption over his role in the AWU scandal.

I absolutely detest those who think themselves privileged enough to impose their will on others and get away with it, or anyone who uses their position to seek advantage for personal gain. People in a position of trust have to be the most accountable and our laws should reflect the crime and punishment when this trust is broke.

You will never convince me that corrupt politicians don’t rule the Australian Parliament. The people charged with the responsibility of ‘checks and balances’ on Member expenditures has no idea where to look to find the corruption. They are not charged with the options to cast a wider net and check Members financial records over and above the declared pecuniary interests register.

To combat corruption there should be Legislation that imposes a rule that all politicians be subject to financial audits for up to 15 years after they retire. It is so easy to cash-in the IOU’s stored whilst in power once retired. Is there anyone out there willing to enact Legislation to see this done?


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