TE-BO: When will ALP supporters realise their loyalty has been betrayed …?

TE-BO: When will ALP supporters realise their loyalty has been betrayed …?
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: April 12th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6It has been nine months since Gillard left The Prime Minister position, and in the time since much has become known.

Every ALP supporter has the right to feel betrayed, betrayed by the Party, the ALP Representatives, the media, the criminal system, and the Union movement. The only question that remains is where will Gillard spend her time in goal?

There was not a Labour Minister nor backbencher who was not aware of her involvement in the AWL scandal yet they still elected her to become our Prime Minister over a first term elected Prime Minister.

That can only mean one of two things, either the Representative ALP Membership do not control their own Party, i.e. they are all puppets doing the bidding of their puppet masters, or there is not an honest politician amongst their number prepared to speak out as an individual.

This then nor was ever a Government elected in the true understanding of democracy … it’s a dictatorship where the elected Members are but custodians beholding to the will of their Union Boss’.

Anybody who continues to support a Political Party with foundations steeped in such criminal behaviour is an idiot. Is someone who either does not understand that their vote is a free vote, nothing forces them to vote ALP if they don’t want to. I have never voted anything other than ALP all my 40 odd years of voting. I have voted informal a number of times but I have never cast a vote for the Conservative nor Green side of politics.

I feel betrayed on all things political. I can find the same stench of corruption throughout the Conservative side of politics and I have written blogs during the late 90’s on that matter also.

The SA and WA elections prove that the loyal ALP supporter base is still intact. It’s an insanity given the Obeid and AWU scandals and how the public still feel they have it right in casting their vote for the ALP.

To be confrontational – people are like sheep when it comes to politics. When they are young they are most inclined to vote ALP, until they buy a house and settle into domestic obligations and then they become more conservative and become swinging voters. Nearly all new voters vote the same way as their parents because all they know is what they have heard in their own household.

Then there is the old chestnut this site has raised many times – why is voting compulsory in this Nation – surely our freedoms relating to speech and free will are taken away with the history over the last 90 odd years where voting has been made compulsory.

In any nuthouse – where the ALP have had the likes of Williamson, Thompson, Gillard, Roxon, Shorten, McClelland, Arbib, Richardson, Carr, Obeid, MacDonald, and the many other ALP MP’s exposed as bit players,  even the loony’s would see what it appears that loyal ALP supporters in their millions still fail to see.

Even Kevin Rudd was aware of Gillard’s past and he chose to run with her as his Deputy Prime Minister. He is equally in poor judgement or complicit in his deals to get himself as Leader of the ALP.

Where is their morality, their honor in doing what they pledge to do when they sign the oath of allegiance in front of the GG.

We are all mugs to continue to allow this to happen – where is the judicial intervention to protect us all from the corruption that is so exposed.  Yet – all those still loyal ALP voters would have to be considered as the dumbest of the dumb for remaining loyal.

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