TE-BO: Global Leadership continues to deliver Mediocrity … focus on Australia!

TE-BO: Global Leadership continues to deliver Mediocrity … focus on Australia!
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: April 10th, 2014 |

the-eyeball-opinion6This is TE-BO’s first post for 2014 – the hiatus since the last post has been mixed – the Gillard pursuit and her nearing ‘D-Day’ under the Abbott inspired “Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption” has helped with the AWU scandal closure.  Yet – more political corruption exposures continue and who knows where it will all end.  It is still so hard to be or say anything positive about Global Leadership.

The collective Global Leadership continues to ‘spin’ the economic recovery that is really about survival mode.  The G-20 don’t understand nor know how to fix the problems. The OECD continues to produce its economic reports – [OECD Statistics linked here] that highlight confusion and weakness across the board on all economic indicators.

The latest ’emerging’ markets economic numbers show the recovery reported as under way is again now threatened.  A headline OECD quote from their latest report reads in part – “Composite leading indicators point to weakening growth in most major emerging economies … “

The ‘developing’ Nations economic numbers also confirm their continued weakness and uncertainty. Employment recovery has stalled and the expected new threat has emerged – debt servicing and revenue growth.

The reality is the globe is still floundering under the toxic cloud created since the GFC.  Seven years of ‘debt creation’ used as a defense to shore up financial markets, and foster the creation of new lending has failed.  It all points to the ‘life support’ prognosis for future generations.

A comment made many years ago in the middle of the GFC hangs like an echo – there is nobody smart enough on the planet to lead us from what is coming.  It is sad to say yet again – our future generations will continue to live in worsening economic conditions impacting of all global living standards.

If one was to proclaim a reason as to why – apathy and mediocrity in our Global Leadership has always been an issue since democracy emerged as the winner in the Governance battle.

Democracy is now a broken model where the ‘2’ Party platforms that exist in almost every western Government has created a void in individualism within our Party Political environment.

The ‘Party’ platform rules, and in almost all cases the rules of Governance are made by the deals done in ‘back rooms’ – where envelopes full of cash are exchanged, trades for votes are done between factions for continuing power plays, and the public are kept in the dark about the agenda’s of ‘Party Factional Leaders’ using their power base to advance a minority collective ideology.

Democracy and its true meaning has been hijacked and transformed into something that has nothing to do with National interests or the betterment of citizens living under democratized Governance.

Prime Minister Abbott is trying – but when his best friend and most trusted ally appears before the NSW ICAC inquiry and proves his ‘clean’ and ‘moral’ status as a politician is as convoluted as the likes of Eddie Obeid, Graham Richardson and the like, what can the population do other than to become downcast and apathetic.

Having read some extracts from Bob Carr’s – [former Foreign Minister in the previous ALP Government and Premier NSW] – new book titled ‘Diary of a Foreign Minister’ – see Mike Smith critique here – Carr’s hubris and self-proclaimed – ‘I live above the mundane …’ comment exemplifies as a perfect example of politicians living above their station, and their ability, with no humility about their political under-achievement.

When one reads the ICAC testimony given by Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos into NSW Political corruption – testimony transcript linked here  [PDF format] – the public can only conclude that all sides of politics are involved in some form of political corruption.

There is also more evidence from a politician and still prominent media identity in a new book out by author Marion Wilkinson titled – “The Fixer”.  It is based on former Senator Graham Richardson and his history as a NSW Right ALP Faction head … a prologue extract can be read here – thanks to Mike Smith News.

Really – how anybody could not think that corruption is a large contributor to the  cause and effect to a Global Leadership void goes beyond the pale.

These examples of the ‘hog nose in trough’ are there for everyone to see, yet the mass’ just don’t give a damn.  The recent WA election result proves yet again swinging electors vote according to the medias perspective.   That demonstrates swinging voters are happy to replace a government according to the media’s perspective.  The swings are there but the need for change is never discussed in any serious way.

They are all sheep – the problems really start with the preselection process and the threats elected representatives face in keeping their preselection if they don’t tow the ‘Party’ line.

All that can be said is we all deserve what we sow.  Apathy is endemic … and this Nation along with the rest of the world are all examples of how human instinct always becomes self-serving.  To get ahead everyone has to suck up to something – politicians prove time and again they are the best at exponents at ‘sucking up’ …


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