Little to say

This new government is trite.

Performance on the parliamentary floor during question time is still a circus.

The electorate is relatively happy. We are heading into the Christmas break and have reason to be content.

In soccer our win over Costa Rica would suggest things have turned around. Even though our team is hardly youth. Similar for the Wallabies. The win over Ireland is better than earlier this year. There is some hope in the Ashes. By Saturday we will know whether recent changes have been sufficient. Adam Scott is a bonus.

In politics, Bill Shorten is extremely unlikely to ever become PM. The change that has occurred in Ange Postecoglou and Ewen McKenzie and Darren Lehmann somewhat mirrors Shorten replacing the Rudd Gillard fiasco.

The Socceroos are very unlikely to advance in the World Cup from the pool stage. The Wallabies will take months probably years to be rated above NZ, SA and England. Cricket these days is basically SA and India.

That is also true of politics. The ALP are simply irrelevant. I was truly shocked to hear of a 22% swing to the ALP in the Miranda state by election. By elections are very strange things. The retiring Liberal Graeme Annersley returning  to NRL is so many things. The by election costing well over $100,000 is utter contempt.

Is this so in the Federal seat of Griffith?

The ALP dusted off boring old Barry Collier in Miranda. The ALP really needs a massive make over.Tanya Plibersek’s elevation to Deputy Opposition leader is just dumb. If the rank and file thought that Albanese was the best leader, yet the caucus backed Shorten, then why wasn’t Albanese the natural deputy? Tanya has so little to offer.

The slow roasting of Obeid and Tripodi will continue for some time. O’Farrell has nothing to fear as he goes to the polls in March 2015. I expect other names including Costa and Della Bosca to be further mired in time.

The scandal that now centres around Nathan Rees having an illicit affair with some secretary shows just how sick the ALP is. John Robertson will lead the ALP to another crushing defeat in 2015. Who else is there?

The fact that federally Shorten is entrenched is just as worrisome.

I believe the real chasm of 2013 is Kathy McGowan, independent for Indi.The likes of Oakschott and Windsor gave independents a bad name in the last parliament. I still can’t fathom the swing against Katter. Wilkie did extremely well.

When you consider how McGowan was elected, no parliamentary seat is safe, anymore. You just need a motivated local business council.

Could both O’Farrell and Abbott be facing leadership of minority governments in the future? I can only see that the ALP needs more than a band aid.

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