TE-BO: The ALP Leadership – Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek … nothing has changed!!!

The ALP Leadership – Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek … nothing has changed!!!
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: Oct 15th, 2013 |

the-eyeball-opinion6The reality of Sunday’s ALP Leadership results paints a picture confirming the ALP still have a long way to go in regaining the public’s trust.  The result predicts further tragic overtones, and points to former ALP supporters remain unconvinced the ALP Leadership, and the caucus members really understand why life-time ALP supporters have walked away.

Bill Shorten won a tight contest when he polled 63% of the caucus vote, and only 40% of the rank and file members.  The combined result gave Shorten a little over 52% and the ALP Leadership … and then caucus appointed Plibersek as his deputy.  In announcing his Shadow Ministry on Monday,  Mr Shorten said:

Mr Shorten, who beat Anthony Albanese in an historic party ballot for the leadership, said Labor would now draw a line under the past and seek to move forward as a united team.

“We will have a zero tolerance for disunity,” he said.

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‘Zero Tolerance for disunity’ – from the man who was behind the toppling of 2 former ALP Prime Ministers over the last six years – and responsible for Gillard being replaced by the former ousted PM.  Shortens flip-flop over who he supported leave the with no options as the new Opposition ALP leader other than to remain skeptical.  The public have every right to jest at Mr Shorten’s creditability and long-term viability as ALP Leader.

Shorten claims the higher ground on sexual equality by appointing six new women to the Shadow Ministry – more from the same story linked above …

New Labor leader Bill Shorten said he was proud his ministerial team included 11 women and six newly-elevated MPs; Andrew Leigh, Shayne Neumann, Michelle Rowland, Doug Cameron, David Feeney and Claire Moore.

One wonders whether these 11 women are Shortens ‘harem’ and women he owes favours to …

Shorten has blood on his hands over the Rudd and Gillard dismissals – how can anyone think he is a changed man and the person best suited to heal the massive divisions within the Party?

His long-term alliance with the AWU, his AWU successor in Paul Howes, and AWU and ALP stalwart Bill Ludwig can only suggest he is still the puppet and not the puppeteer … much the same as was Gillard.   This ALP meltdown is not done with yet.

The ‘rank and file’ vote weeded him out and gave the Party their honest appraisal as to who they wanted to lead the Party.  Yet – the Caucus with their factional support for Shorten and the bruised egos of many MP’s after their thumping election defeat, decided to allow Shorten free rein in his Shadow Ministry choices.

How can unity be expected after this Shorten double cross against the ALP ‘Left’ in his decisions to first support Gillard to oust Rudd, and then to support Rudd to oust Gillard?

This ALP corruption stench will remain with the Party for years to come – the Unions are easy targets to appoint blame and have been the cause of the problems for years.  Their corruption is endemic and the double dealings to get the numbers stacked in caucus is a highlight that points to the these Union delegates bring to the Leadership table.  Until the ALP broadens its Leadership base away from Union delegates doing deals to get themselves pre-selected and on the Senate ballot,  the people will no longer be fooled.

The current ALP MP’s and Senators who survived the election hardly boast an honest worker among their numbers … their backgrounds are mostly from Unions and/or political activism backgrounds … it’s all contributing to the void of vision that is killing the party …

Shorten has proved many times over he is someone that can’t be trusted.  His power the Party and a direct reason why ALP supporters have deserted.

His personal profile and perchance for sexual dalliances is well-known, his maneuvering throughout the whole six years of the Labor Government was not about good Governance but about his own personal ambitions, and all guided under the guile of Ludwig and the Unions.  It all became too much for Greg Combet who was on the same path … he squibbed out because he like Mark Arbib, realised that the path the ALP are pursuing can only lead to self-destruction.

Shorten will never be Prime Minister … and I’m amazed the Caucus did not have the nous to realise this in supporting him in the post-election ballot.  Perhaps Shorten’s role is a stop-gap option until the Party can settle all old scores and start afresh – hardly.

Shorten’s elevation can only mean the media focus will again be on ALP Leadership issues for coming months, perhaps even years to come.  This will add to the distractions much the same as the Coalition Leadership after Howard lost the 2007 election.

Speculation abounds over the deals down between the ‘right’ and ‘left’ factions on Shadow front bench positions – suffice to say the NSW Albanese’s ‘left’ factions feel they have been dudded yet again by the Victorian ‘right’.

This will ensure the infighting will not stop … they remain just a rabble and still to learn the bigger lesson – Political Leadership should never be about personal ego’s,  it’s supposed to be about good Governance and providing an effective Opposition …


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One thought on “TE-BO: The ALP Leadership – Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek … nothing has changed!!!

  1. This plebiscite to determine the new leadership is flawed.

    Albanese went ever so close to winning the leadership yet Shorten chose Plibersek for his deputy. Why did Tanya herself not run for leadership. If Albo is the 2nd best candidate for leader, then why is he not the deputy. Does gender fracture the concept of merit?

    The fatal flaw is;
    If the rank and file system works properly at the pre-selection process, then the caucus would reflect the rank and file. But branch stacking is existing therefore we see faceless men. From my perspective Tanya Plibersek is an underperformer. Of Gillard’s front bench who came out looking good?

    It is expected that Plibersek will now become shadow Foreign Minister. In the light of expense rorting would it not appear that her reward is just greater access to reasons for more international travel, therefore higher unsubstantiated travel claims?

    The claims of Anna Burke are to be considered. There are no female Victorian right wing representation in Cabinet. The factions are at work.

    For me this is no different to Australian Federal government elections. Democracy is something exercised each 3 years (4 years at state level) and in between times the parliamentary circus rolls on.

    We want effective government, inspired and transparent. It requires several checks and balances. Proper scrutiny by the media. An effective and vibrant opposition. One that creates viable alternative.

    It has been widely recognised that given recent history the chances of Bill Shorten becoming the next prime minister are not good. He carries baggage. It is most likely that it will take at least 2 other leaders to come up with a fresh persona acceptable to the electorate. Last time ALP gave us Beasley, then Crean, then Beasley, then Latham etc until finally they came up with Rudd or maybe the Rudd/Gillard ticket. Similarly after Howard there was Costello (nah, don’t want it. I want to write a book), Brendan Nelson, Malcolm Turnbull then Abbott.

    According to new party leadership rules, when the ALP 2 party preferred vote next June is at about 40% with primary vote at somewhere around 30% what can the ALP do to change their minds. As things stand, it will take another crushing defeat in 2016 for the ALP to finally refresh itself without these failed players like Shorten, Albo, Wong, Plibersek and who was that NBN freak, that Senator, now deputy in the senate, (I can’t even think of his name) Oh yes, Conroy, Frank Conroy.

    The greatest saving grace is those who have resigned, like Combet, Roxon, Garrett, Arbib and so on.

    What the ALP really needs to consider is voting rights.

    More than just putting on a show for the rank and file. When do voting rights accrue? I would think a decent vesting period might be 3 years. Only those members registered as at the last election date will determine the party pre selection process for the election due in 3 years. That will stop branch stacking once and for all. There will need to be a couple of other checks and balances like stopping deceased members from voting or proxy votes especially through power of attorney in the case of the geriatric

    Roxon’s outburst regarding bastardry will continue for some time yet. There are so many others waiting in the wings for their go. Only those in the inner ministry are going to toe the party line.

    Telling tales is their right. I want to present a fresh perspective. I want to re write the story we me as the knight in shining armour. But no one is listening.

    There are rumours that Paul Howes is set to take over from Bob Carr in the senate. There is a technicality should Carr resign and cause a casual vacancy, which term is he resigning. The one that expires on June 30th next year or the one that starts on July 1 next year or both. The filling of a casual vacancy is up to the state premier. Would Fatty O’Barrel do a Joh Bjelke Peterson and create havoc?

    Faceless men.

    In America as they come to terms with the debt ceiling limit, and the ramifications of what has occurred, I see parallel. On Wednesday night I turned off the ABC radio in disgust. The radio presenter claimed that the problems in the USA are those deviants from the tea party who are hell bent on corrupting democracy. Moderates are threatened with pre selection battles if they do not vote with the hardliners. Please give us a break. The crisis came about because 2 sides could not agree. It takes 2 to tango.

    In the USA they call faceless men the tea party (which includes some of the feminine gender). In Australia why would I want to join the 30,000 voting rank and file ALP members when the recent membership includes Michael Williamson, and Eddie Obeid, and Craig Thomson. We of Australia are an enterprising lot, we should be able to come up with a term for them that doesn’t include arseholes, cons, or convicts, bastards, how about despots?

    It is not gender specific, it is not going to offend those too sensitive to coarse language. It is allowable on Prime Time TV.


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