TE-BO: It’s Time to pay the “PIPER” …

It’s Time to pay the “PIPER” …
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: Oct 9th, 2013 |

the-eyeball-opinion6It has been some time since my last blog and deliberately so … politics is all done … Grand finals won and lost, the Spring Racing carnival is under way … and the world awaits the fallout of the latest US debt ceiling meltdown …

It is all just a part of the journey if one was to believe in the modern and evolving society and the new way everyone tries to avoiding responsibility … ‘leave it for the next guy to fix’ seems to be the common thought …

Obama has 2+ years to make a difference, to fix the debt explosion on his watch and those before him … the rest of the world sits and awaits a solution to the unsolvable problem … that being ‘how to make debt disappear’.

All of us are knowingly walking in the wake of the ‘Pier-Piper’ – all sucked into the vacuum and void that is our Leadership who bought us to this void, and the falsehoods we all now are faced with.

Our dreams of history, the honor and chivalry of men, leaders, the belief in people and family, the spoils of hard work, the joy in spending a day in a bright sunny meadow – all beyond the pail, all distant and out of reach  with all that is ahead and on offer.

Yet … in the despair of the present, we know the reality of all that is behind us, that life moving forward no longer allows you to smell the roses on the way through.   All that is left to think about is the through of ineptness, our inability to see beyond ourselves … all attributable to the failures of successive generations to awaken themselves to the decadence that has become the modern existence, and the impact and direction easy ‘debt’ has caused all civilisation …

The Leadership of the world is itself looking for inspired Leadership, the real thing escapes their grasp because they’re more involved in the accumulation of personal fortunes and the triumph of self-preservation over their neighbor’s plight.

Politics has become the great escape and the showcase for mediocrity … mediocrity has become the normal, exceptional has vanished … disappeared in the tidal wave of corruption and greed – everyone is looking over their shoulder hoping someone else can come up with an answer.

We’ve had examples of our own mediocrity in recent days – travel expenses – really … weddings, sporting events, wine tastings, and many more strange examples of MP’s believing in their sense of entitlement, as opposed to the respect and honor MP’s swear to when taking office.

PM Abbott has dug his heels in and declared that he is entitled to be reimbursed for attending triathlons, and other community events whilst Opposition Leader.  You are wrong Mr Abbott – you were electioneering most of the time you stood in front of local business and sprouted the Party line.  As for competing in events … why is that of interest to the Australian public – you do that for yourself and to promote your own public profile … at least when you were Opposition Leader … now that you are PM and to continue to compete in those events would require your security detail, and all the trimmings of the PM’s office to be costed against the public purse as well.

NO … this sense of entitlement is being abused – the policy is claim the expense and if the Dept Finance can pick up a false claim the refund is in the mail.

Tell us Mr Abbott – should not the MP be accountable for erroneous claims … should the staffer’s task be to make sure all claims are legitimate .. i.e. your book tour claims of $12,000 you had to repay.   You had to have known that claiming those travel costs were not part of your entitlements and yet you claimed them.

If the audit did not pick it up, would your office had made an independent audit and refunded the expenses?

It is this normal behaviour that has breached the standards applicable concerning the abuse of Ministerial entitlements, and done so by consecutive Administrations because everybody from the MP down to the lowly staffer believe they are all entitled to the free lunch and paid for by Australian taxpayers.

This is the tip of the iceberg in why Politicians are the problem.  Look to Greece and the rorts public servants have been a part of … a friend said that corruption is a necessary part of business.  I replied that when the evil of corruption is seen as acceptable … the slippery slide is water lubed and a fast ride to a place none of us want to go.

Given the six years of front page politics we all endured and thankful for the change … this travel expense exposure only draws more attention to the way politicians have lost their way.   Abbott needs to man up and pay for his own triathlon travel expenses.  He needs to review his attitude to what he thinks is an entitlement when really is was about party politics and nothing to do with legitimate expense entitlements.

Link to the MP Handbook on Parliamentary expenses …


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