TE-BO: The Election Trail – 5 – The Result … the more things change … the more they stay the same!!!

The Election Result – the more things change … the more they stay the same!!!
| Author: TE-BO – The Eye-Ball Opinion| Date: Sept 10th, 2013 |

the-eyeball-opinion6How predictable was the election – a 30-32 seat majority for the Coalition and a new Senate much the same as previous with the likelihood of the Greens still holding the balance of power.

What was important was how Slipper and Thompson fared given the criminal proceedings against them – how could they think the electorate would support them?

Slipper sitting as an Independent in his Seat of Fisher polled 1.47% of first preference votes with some 75% of the vote counted.  Thompson in his seat of Dobell has polled 3.99% of first preference votes with 81% of the vote counted. This is the barest of margins away from Thompson getting his electoral funding – a parting last grab at public monies.

The GREENS suffered badly as did the ALP with their 1st preference vote falling by 3.36% and 4.16% respectively with 77% of the vote counted.  That surely tells us that the electorate had had enough of what the Gillard/Brown and then Gillard/Milne gave Australia.

Surprisingly, the Coalition vote was not where voters went. The Liberals polled a 1.36% increase, the Nationals a 0.84% increase, and the LNP went negative with a fall off of 0.39%.  That says so much about the lack of ‘Abbott Appeal’ and how disenchanted ALP voters went.

The big success on the night was Clive Palmer and his Palmer United Party. Palmer is ahead and expected to win the QLD seat of ‘Fairfax’. The party polled 11.33% of the QLD vote, and 5.56% of the National vote with 77% counted. Believe it or not – Clive Palmer is favoured to be the new Member for Fairfax and how and what he brings to the HOR’s will keep us all on our toes. The PUP [Palmer United Party] is expected to have at least 2 Senate seats, and perhaps up to 4 if the postal vote maintains current percentages.

That is the other interesting statistic – postal and absentee votes are up again, some 20-25% in most electorates and this is a continuing trend as people show their displeasure of turning up on vote day and joining large queues to cast their vote.

This is something the JSTEM – [Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters] – will need to review when they sit – as will the size and cumbersome ‘Senate’ ballot papers and the way the below the line vote numbering system works. More importantly is the distribution of preferences done under deals between Party’s and candidates not aligned with any registered Party. There appears to be 2 independent Senators who will be elected after they polled less than 0.5% of first preference Senate votes.

Rudd’s supporters claim he saved the ALP from an electoral disaster and the real truth will never be known. Under Gillard expectations were a 40 odd seat wipe-out. Under Rudd the ALP went from 72 seats in the HOR’s to 58. Not one Cabinet Minister lost their seat and the Western Sydney route did not happen.  Assistant Treasury David Bradbury, Member for Lindsay was the highest profile ALP caucus member to lose their seat.   The electorate and ALP are well rid of him – he was one of many in the ALP who over achieved based on their ability and understanding of Financial accountability.

Predictably, just 2 days after polling day, the most loyal of the Gillard ‘Handbag Brigade’ are out there trashing Rudd.

The lovesick Craig Emerson could not be more pathetic as the retiring Member for Rankin when he called Rudd ‘treacherous’ … and stated that ‘treachery should not be rewarded’.

Never has an ALP spokesperson been so obvious in the where and why that motivates them – was not the Gillard efforts to overthrow Rudd in 2010 based on ‘treachery’ – Emerson given his over achievements whilst serving ‘under’ Gillard remains one of the ALP’s biggest embarrassments.  Emerson proved himself time and time again as nothing more than a lap-dog adoring a past relationship and wishing one last shot at bedding his exposed lovelorn attachment with Gillard.

For an ex ALP Cabinet Minister to be so obvious in how they declare their loyalty,  and despite the current moves under way in the Victorian Courts to have Gillard declared more than a ‘person of interest’, but a ‘facilitator’ in the AWU fraud,  it would suggests Emerson cannot be right in the head.   His ‘Whyalla Wipe out’ moment can be seen as a form of poetic justice.

Rudd’s concession speech has been given plenty of airtime and to be honest – it was hubris not to ‘congratulate’ Abbott publicly. Perhaps he did so privately when he rang to concede. But to omit the words in a concession speech is a first in Australian politics.

What now for Rudd – he can’t remain as Leader and has indicated his intention to resign.  Why hang around if it is not to line up an overseas posting which was this authors belief all along in why Rudd stayed after Gillard outed him – apart for the obvious revenge agenda that played out as well.

Should Rudd’s undermining of Gillard be rewarded?  Mike Kruger on Q&A last night had a bit to say on the subject. It was one of the best ‘Q&A’s’ all year with free expression in abundance.   It would seem the ALP disunity is still underway and whoever emerges as the new Opposition Leader – their task is beyond the ALP DNA in the short-term.

The 2013 ‘informal vote’ was higher, the 2010 informal vote – 2010 was 5.55%, as opposed to the 5.91% in the 2013 election with 77% of the vote counted.

Here is what I can tell you – the new Opposition will try to make the new Government accountable – repealing the Carbon Tax may require a ‘double dissolution’ election and that is the worst case scenario for voters.   Democracy has become the argument between two losing sides – it will remain so until the negative campaigning, the trashing of competing candidates, the fostering of deception when campaigning – i.e. Q&A and Emerson tell us that Rudd trashed Gillard – do either have proof or are they wild accusations based on the process of elimination?

Being negative internally and externally distracts from the process of managing a Nation and it will continue as the New Government will try to unwind the previous Government legislation.  The Senate for the next three years will support the outgoing Government an d debate on who has the mandate will rage on.   On Q&A journalist Lenore Taylor made the point – the 30+% who voted for the ALP did so based on their mandate – the fact that the Coalition won with a larger vote count does not mean that the ALP should abandoned its core beliefs.  So any debate on who has the higher mandate as incoming Attorney General Senator George Brandis tried to point out is pure self-serving aggrandising rhetoric.

Telling the electorate how bad either side is at doing the job of Governing only convinces the electorate that the cage is full of baboons.  When was the last time an opposing political Leader praised the work of the Government – when was the last time that the House did not have a Question Time that referred to the previous Government’s term of office and the mess they left?

This is the global crisis we all face in the broken model that we call democracy.  It is no longer about the good of the people but the good of the party and to get themselves re-elected.  The US system in limiting a sitting President to two terms was genius – it means that nobody become complacent in the job – that when given the task the Government is supposed to govern on behalf of all the people – not the large interest groups and their large donors.  The corrupt have corrupted the political process and is demonstrated that when Clive Palmer can outspend any other candidate, the likelihood is that they will be elected.

The focus is now the same as it was before the election – what sort of Leader will Abbott make, and the ALP leadership issues are set to continue – the more things change … the more they stay the same…

Congratulations Mr Abbott – I wipe the slate clean between us and it is now up to you to show me and the rest of us what you have to offer as the new Prime Minister.


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