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The Morning After …
| Author: TE-BO’s – Herman O’Hermitage | Date: Sept 10th, 2013 |

As the pundits attempt to digest Saturday, I am particularly positive. Is the glass half full or half empty?

I definitely want after about 20 months to see our glass most half full. It is time to start a new chapter in Australia’s political saga.

It is difficult to look into the crystal ball, when there is so much reflection to get right, and for the next 3 days to possibly 3 weeks there is so much uncertainty. (That relating to the make up of the senate after July 2014, and prioritising the agenda).

Monday the first full recount of all ballot papers will occur, and when the senate recount is truly known late tomorrow, early Tuesday, things should be made more transparent. Whether the most contested seats are closer to being decided in the Lower House is by the by. The Coalition has a working majority.

In the Upper House, I only see good. ALP are indicating 25, Greens 10, Coalition, 33 and ungrouped or balance of power a likely 8. Those 8 made up of Nick Xenophon, DLP, Family First, PUP and Motoring Enthusiast, particularly disparate.That is the ideal. Many varying view points – not 2 party preferred and clandestine.

Virtually no one knows of or understand, Motoring Enthusiast. Will they be another Shooters and Fishers, or One Nation or ? Much will be discussed in the coming week.

At this stage 3 years ago we saw good in Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie. 3 years later, it would appear, Bandt and Wilkie are the good guys, Windsor and Oakeshott are now fish and chips wrapping, and Bob Katter a bad guy. I don’t yet have any explanation for Bob Katter, but fully accept Bandt and Wilkie.

While Palmer this minute is still on an ego trip, he is still really a pimple on the coalition. Some one has commented, we got rid of one narcissist (Rudd) and replaced him with another Palmer. That is not right. Palmer may try to cut deals with the Coalition, but at this stage the Coalition would appear to require much more support with the balance of power in the senate. For me this truly means none of the above, ie 2 party politics. We will get some more disturbances on critical agenda. This coalition will be working harder than any government of recent times to achieve a majority. It has all the same hallmarks of NSW Legislative Council, where questionable decisions will be much further scrutinised and debated.

A concept of I am not OK, you are not OK, but that is OK. There will be greater engagement, better scrutiny, and trustfully better outcomes. A glass half full.

A quirky piece of TV yesterday was asking fans of both Geelong and Freo entering Cardinia Park who will win. Firstly this afternoon’s football match, and secondly tonight’s election. That straw poll included, I don’t care about politics, but my beloved Cats deserve…., a couple decked out in Freo paraphernalia, the husband said, Freo and Abbott, and the wife replies, he has got that 50% right.

Those not politically motivated, are forced to vote, under compulsory voting, yet when they cast a vote what occurs? Informal voting ranges between 7.5% to 12.5% across the varying electoral divisions.

Yet somehow Australia got it right.

This ALP minority government has been banished. The coalition have not won a dysfunctional majority. Peter Slipper has recorded the lowest first preference vote in history for an incumbent. Craig Thomson hardly did much better. The Upper House will now be the focus of many, and this craziness of the Upper House electoral system will be further scrutinised and debated. Most simply how undemocratic is this process of not being able to preference above the line, so that 96% of electors take the simple way of allowing these crazy giving preferences amongst the candidates.

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