Harry’s Growl: Peter Slipper having one last dip at the well …

Harry's GrowlThe expected news that Peter Slipper will contest his seat of Fisher’ at the upcoming election can only mean one thing – he sees an easy earn from electoral funding rebates.

Slippery Pete is unable to pay for his legal defense, has had his hand out for federal help and now he thinks his electorate will give him one last financial windfall.  As an Independent the Coalition won’t be getting the bulk of the spoils.   This pissant – and I dare anyone in Australia to say that he is anything else,  is having one last crap all over his electorate.

This is the perfect example of what is wrong with our Politicians and our vetting process.  How can the current MP’s allow this person a chance to earn another term in the Chamber?

It is the pre-selection process that is laid with corruption and the from start to finish – look to the ALP dramas in Victoria over the pre-selection for the retiring MP’s …

that sees our elected Members believing they have a sense of entitlement.  It’s a corrupt process – and for degenerates like Slipper to have served in our Parliament for as long as he has is an indictment on our Political process.

Craig Thompson has also decided to run in his electorate of ‘Dobell’ – and what opinion applies to Slipper also applies to Thompson – scumbags and despots …

The voters will have their say – some will inevitability give their vote to the incumbent be it out of ignorance, or some other socially unexplained reason for not being aware of the Slipper and Thompson fraud cases before the courts.

Please … voters in ‘Fisher’ and ‘Dobell’ – reject them both.

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2 thoughts on “Harry’s Growl: Peter Slipper having one last dip at the well …

  1. This 4% of the primary vote in this instance is good. That said, why do the major political affiliations get this electoral funding, but not the real independent? This represents another bias towards 2 party politics.

    The Electoral Act and other old legislation have articles specifically to prevent criminals from being elected. In Dobell the ALP were not real serious about standing anyone against Thomson. They only forced him out of the party, when investigations being reported were really bad.

    Somewhat the same in the case of Peter Slipper. Mal Brough should win the seat, and there will be a swing to ALP in Queensland. In NSW a swing to Coalition would see Dobell swing anyhow.

    Both are standing for reasons of face.In the case of Thomson he keeps up the falsehood with words to the effect, Only Central Coast people really understand the issues of the Central Coast. That is a given in every electorate dummy. It is when people are drafted from elsewhere to run in varying scenarios that the real party heart gets very dismayed.

    Any concept of integrity is just lip service.

    We have had far too much rorting going on for too long. We need some real ethics in government.


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