The Underground: Is the glass half-full … or is that half-empty …

The UndergroundHow far can a Society allow itself to more toward liberalism before it cannot reverse the path taken?What are the visible signs of a society crumbling upon itself?

History has provided several examples of past civilisations reaching a pinnacle and then falling by the wayside. The most famous recorded had to have been the Egyptians, there was also the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great and his Greek empire, the Mongolian Genghis Khan, and there are many more.

Did these civilisations see the end coming to their way of life as they knew it?

The best of my life and generation happened 30-40 years ago during the 60’s and 70’s, I ponder whether that was because that was my youth.

I know how the newer generation struggle with relationships, how children seem to more disrespectful toward their family, their school, and expect society to provide them with a life as opposed to them making a contribution to society. Family values seem to be a price sacrificed as society moves forward in such trivial ways.

It is easy to be judgemental when you are closer to the end than the beginning.

Can I ask you to ask yourself a question – in our modern society where does housing affordability and availability sit with where it was in say the 60’s and 70’s? Do you think your children will even be able to afford to buy a home? Who can afford to rent and save for a house at the same time unless someone steps in and helps out. Dual incomes means sacrifice and that is where the children learn how to disconnect.

Is your glass half-full, or is it half-empty?

Do you think the next generation will have it better, of do you agree that the best times are behind us?

If you agree with the theory that we are facing a societal equinox, where lies the tipping balance? Is it in our Leadership and a continued democracy as we have today, or is it time to shake things up a bit?

I don’t have all the answers, all I have are more questions in the ‘WHY’ we have allowed ourselves to be taken down this path. Was the ‘easy-credit’ the Banks offered so hard to refuse when all around is everyone else was happy to take it – including the Governments?

Did Governments really think that their term in office and the spend they presided over would all be taken care of by the next Government?

The World owes trillions and there are no assets to sell to pay it back – only the incomes of future generations.

We are in a mess and I don’t believe there is anyone clever enough to fix all the problems – where does one begin to start?

This is a forum for debate and all contributions are welcome – do you have some answers?

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