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the-eyeball-opinion6Welcome to ‘The EYE-BALL Opinion’ Version 2.1 Blogsite’s launch page. ‘The EYE-BALL Opinion’ name has been shortened throughout the site to appear as ‘TE-BO’.

This site version begins its journey with a new focus away from the previous sites ‘get rid of Gillard’ campaign.  It has new ambitions, and some new Author/Personas with their own pitch on all things that we encounter in our daily lives. The content will hopefully present as more streamline and less cluttered.

The old site will remain and links to content on that site will be used as this site grows. For the main, the site will offer posts with less long-winded opinions.

The site’s purpose is intended to promote awareness and thinking, but to keep it light and informative as relates to events that impact on our day-to-day lives. The site will remain a free service and its true cost can never be measured.   To help with maintaining the site, you’ll find ‘Gratuity Donation’ buttons pasted around the site.  Your generosity does help and is greatly appreciated.

the-eyeball-opinion6Because of the PayPal issues with the last site – donations can be made by direct deposit to a Bank Account.   Bank details are provided when the ‘Gratuity’ button is clicked.


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5 thoughts on “TE-BO [The Eye-Ball Opinion] – Version 2.1 launch post …

  1. Great to see you back TE-BO! A blogosphere free to tell Australians what the Government won’t, is going to become even more essential to maintain democracy. A very good illustration of this is currently being demonstrated at Michael Smith News where Jeff of NQ and others track our Navy ships and their gallant people each day, as they’re forced to act as a taxi service for the ongoing flood of illegal immigrants,

    Shaz of Christmas Island is a photographer who daily keeps us abreast of the arrival of well-groomed women with custom luggage and laptops, and the muscled up men, many of whom now have a child as an accessory and none of them looking the least like the usual genuine persecuted penniless refugees we see having to suffer in horror camps round the world waitng for placement, whilst these queue-jumpers take their place!

    It’s a very different, but true picture of what is happening, as opposed to the lying spin of Rudd, Burke & Co.

    As for myself, I’m still pursuing matters in the Gillard/Wilson AWU Fraud and will do so till my dying day. Australia can recover from the criminal actions of Gillard and others, but only if they are brought to justice and peoplke like them realise they cannot continue to take it as their right to continue to rip off hardworking union members and others to advance their wealth and careers, without consequence.

    Australia will not progress if half the population continues to accept this situation as the norm and close their eyes to the rampant corruption, loss of integrity and honour that diminishes us all!

    On a lighter note (or is it?) – Labor has found another ‘Whinge-ing Wendy’ for their latest negative “attack Abbott” campaign! Just when we thought it was safe to tune-in because the ‘Droner from Altona’ hasn’t responded to Rudd’s offer to come and help him get re-elected. I thought Rudd promised he wouldn’t run a negative personal campaign? Has he re-hired Gillard’s 457 grub, McTernan?.

    Cheers and all the best for your new format. H/B


    • Thanks Hillybilly,

      Yes I agree and want to see the Gillard fraud pursued to the fullest extent of the law. I want her parliamentary pension taken away, and I want to see her in front of the Nation humbled and destroyed for the fraud and shame she bestowed upon the Prime Minister’s office.

      But this is a new day and there is not a lot that can be done that has not already been done by the likes of Mike Smith, yourself, and others in exposing the history and depth of the fraud. I will follow the progress with keen interest and continue to promote the work of others on this site.

      As for the continued absence of visionary leadership, has any candidate impressed on any issue? Rudd has become the ‘snake-oil’ salesman and his ‘yuck’ measure is climbing. Abbott’s ‘sex-appeal’ gaff proves yet again he is awkward in the moment as the alternative PM, and I’ve long held the view that he is not a leader but a follower.

      Abbott will win and he will give his best in the job – but it won’t be good enough to satisfy the media and all the other naysayers out there.

      When will a Leader emerge and tell us the truth rather then what they think will win them votes. Democracy is now owned by big business as political parties do deals with big business and lobby groups for election contributions. The single vote value has been smashed under modern democracy outcomes.

      Look to Egypt – a new democracy in a Nation of 70 million, yet a million protesters can overthrow a Government and the rest of the world watches. As the people become angrier, the word ‘revolution’ will come to mind and then it is only the growing of that seed for it to take on a life of its own all across the globe.


  2. Thought for today.

    If Essendon executives and coaching staff have been charged with bringing the AFL into repute, does it follow that Lundy and Clare will be charged for bringing Australian sport into disrepute?


    • Hi Herman. You’ve got to remember McTernan was team “captain” then and things were looking very desperate for the Gillard team. McTurd needed a new diversionary tactic so he sent in Kate Lundy, one of his “Handbag Mafia” heavy hitters to get some quick runs on the board and then brought on one of his best spinners. Jason Clare to try and take quick wickets, The Gillard team is all out, but McTurd’s diversionary match is still dragging on so I guess the tactics worked to some extent.

      Jason Clare is operating under new self-appointed captain Krudd now (a desperate last minute choice forced by nervous members) and while spinning better than ever, he’s on a very wet wicket and his balls seem to be sticking in the mud most of the time!

      Cheers H/B


      • Really great to test drive this site.

        HillBilly has drawn on excellent threads. This election campaign is 1/3 over and no one is listening. What is the perfect descriptor to sum up the feelings and thoughts of the electorate? Disillusioned?

        Why will no one pursue integrity, in all of its forms, that include inter alia Gillard/Wilson? The fact remains, we can wipe out a raft of dopes, and a new crew of corrupting curmudgeons, sycophants and nepotists stand ready willing and able to replace them. Rudd’s intervention in NSW Branch has amounted to what?

        Why is the ALP still in this race? Because there is no confidence in the alternative. Where we hold Windsor and Oakschott responsible for allowing the last government to go on despite, that same fact is now twisted to preference Greens last. I am not supportive of Greens in any way, but understand that democracy is abused by 2 party politics – pluralism. There are always more than 2 choices, and that might include Christian Democrats,Katters, Palmers, and much more. No matter what happens on election day the Greens will maintain balance of power in the Senate until July 1st 2017. Will Coalition force a double dissolution? It will make it worse (see In senaty article – The Senate). Would Coalition be guaranteed the lower house in double dissolution if they go early?

        The other over arching factor is we can wipe out the Treasury benches on election day, but nothing will fix the bureaucracy. In DPMC sack Ian Watt, or in DIAC sack Martin Bowles, or in any other department but the sycophancy is cultured, it is indoctrinated in the culture, it is embedded in the recruitment process. Truly consider the QLD or NSW scenario, it will take well over a decade to really institutionalise accountability and transparency.

        I tend to expect the likes of Ian Watt or Martin Bowles are already planning their next move, and that includes taking whatever perks they can lay their hands on now. I expect that in the wings are other goons who have been pushing the envelope for sometime waiting for their day.

        This brings me to the boat arrivals. Is there any policy of the last ALP 5 odd years enduring? Of course there is, the fiscal deficit, silly.

        The thoughts on race to the bottom, are real, but our hearts are open to refugees, which means a qualitative assessment of “What is a Human rights refugee”, and where does an economic refugee fit in?

        This same leads on to same sex marriage. Gillard played (maybe overplayed) the misogyny card to her ultimate detriment, and by making same sex marriage a key point of difference, Rudd wins some undecided votes, but loses others. In the weeks after September 7 the post mortems can start. Between now and then only private party polling can be used to assess any likely cost benefit assessment.

        Stay happy, remain a sceptic, and never take yourself too seriously, ie Believing in sanity, is itself insanity.


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